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Confidence is beautiful.  Empower your confidence with flawless makeup, tailored to enhance your natural beauty. Elevate your professional presence on social media with our curated beauty solutions.


The Mission

Here at Limitless Beauty we strive to help you feel confident each and every day.  Looking and feeling beautifully professional is our goal. 

We will take the worry about how to put on your makeup or what shades to wear because we  teach you how to apply your makeup and create the perfect color! 
We also want you to show up confidently for your business on social media.  We can help you with recording videos, reels, etc. and then using that to create captivating content! 

Custom Made Foundation

Jessica will create the perfect color match for your skin.  There is no more going to the store and hoping to get a "close enough" match to your beautiful skin.  Jessica will mix up a foundation that will not only look flawless on you, but will also contain skin improvement serums based on your skin needs! 


Social Media Assistance

As a business owner, it is hard to know what to post and to have to be thinking about creating content.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you.  Our free consultation lets us know what you are in need of and then we will curate a package for you and your business.  
We can help you with reels, carousels, videos, canva - Based on your industry and what you are comfortable doing we will fill in the gaps! 

Makeup Lessons

There is never a bad time to learn new makeup tips and tricks.  It could be you were never taught how to do your own makeup.  Or perhaps you have been doing it the same way your whole life and want to change it up.  
Whatever the reason or the occasion, I can help you feel confident in how you apply your makeup and help you create a gorgeous look! 


Mind Body Style MD

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We help transform women into confident and

successful leaders.

Our mission is to help professional women be and feel more confident and successful. We have seen many women throughout our careers who burn out, don't try out for roles they could thrive in, or feel stuck in a career rut for years. Through our team-based approach, we aim to help women out of those career ruts and frustration. We pair executive coaching, with personal styling, with working with a personal trainer and a beauty concierge. Our goal is to help women create lasting change from the inside out.


Have a group that is need of learning either about makeup or social media marketing?  

Makeup lessons are great team building activities or a fun Ladies' Night event. 


Social Media Marketing Classes are tailored to what your group is hoping to obtain and the industry in which you work. 

Contact us today to schedule a group lesson and learn more about what we can offer.  

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